Upcoming gigs!  We're always looking for the next one too.  Shoot us an email if you are interested in booking The Prospects!


Sorry, can't tell you.

We're playing for a super secret private event. Bet you didn't know you could hire us for private shows did you? Well you can! Be like (name withheld for super secret private reasons) and hire the Prospects for your next event!

CANCELLED: The Prospects @ The Guilty Goose

The Guilty Goose, 223 Main Street, Zumbrota

We hate to do this...again! The show at the Goose is cancelled. ARRGG! COVID...GO AWAY! The good news is we will be scheduling for 2021. We promise, we'll be back!

Guilty Goosers! Did you miss the show in May? Well don't worry because we're back! We had so much fun we decided to do it again! C'mon, you know the motto (say it with us): ROCK! DANCE! REPEAT! Be there!